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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hotel offers 'CrackBerry' therapy

I never understood why people would desire to bring work with them wherever they go, especially if it's after office hours or during their vacations. Why don't they just pull the plug? I know that VPs and CEOs have a lot of responsibilities, but personally, I think that health and family should always be the most important thing in one's life, especially when you're not supposed to be working. If there's one gadget that really doesn't help businessmen leave work behind, it's the BlackBerry. If you're a "CrackBerry" (a BlackBerry addict), and wish to take a break from work, there's a few hotels through America that started to offer "CrackBerry" therapies. When you rent a room in one of these hotels, you will be asked to leave your blackberry with the manager, who will put your beloved communication device under lock until you decide to leave the establishment. Simple and effective.

Rick Ueno, general manager of the Sheraton Chicago Hotel, said the program that began on Wednesday grew out of his own personal BlackBerry addiction. His one-step recovery was switching to a regular cell phone.

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