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Monday, June 26, 2006

Express Yourself on the Road with the Drive-e-mocion

When you're on the road, communicating with other drivers is not always easy, and that is why London-based AU-MY Ltd developed the Drive-e-mocion: an electronic display that sticks to your back window and let surrounding drivers know about your feelings. It can display a smiley face or a frowning face, along with the messages "thank you" and "back off". Is someone riding your bumper? Just take the remote and hit the "back off" button. Is there a pretty lady (or a nice looking guy) following you? Don't be shy and show her your best "smiley face". Who knows, doing this could eventually lead you to meet the woman of your life!

Check it out. (via Gearlog)


  • This is a great idea, I always want to tell other drivers things. Most of the time though they aren't polite or anything I can write here.

    This is one of those, I wish I had thought of it first. Actually the idea for it has been around a while. When I was in HS I had a dry erase board in my car that would allow me to tell other drivers what I thought about them.

    By Blogger Evan Spiegel, at 7:55 PM  

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