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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Digg Clone from Netscape / AOL?

Over the past year, Netscape.com's traffic has been plummeting, and AOL has done the unthinkable to try and revert this situation: they transformed the once popular portal into a clone of the famous social networking site digg.com. AOL's site isn't bad, but one thing that I really hate about it is that when you click on a link to view a story, it opens it in a framed page showing the article on the right, and an ugly toolbar that shows other stories on the left. It's pretty ironic that when you access the front page, the first thing you see is a story titled "AOL Copies Digg". I wonder what Mr. Rose is thinking about all of this absurdity? Probably not much; he may even be rolling on the floor laughing!

Check it out.


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