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Friday, June 02, 2006

April Fool's! Oh, never mind... it's a Fox news station. They're just wrong.

PSP's can be used to access internet porn on the fly... who knew? According to Kotaku (the original article was posted here but has gone missing since Penny Arcade mentioned it on their site today), a recent piece of "investigative journalism" by a Fox affiliate has made claims that PSPs don't need a wi-fi signal to access the internet and, more specifically, snag pornographic images instantaneously.

Apparently, Fox 9's piece told the story of some sex-obsessed teenager (Vansau: I thought nearly all teenagers were sex-obsessed...) who was able to access the internet in his high school's library and bring up pornographic images. Of course, there's no way that our young deviant could have simply downloaded the pictures to his computer and then transferred them over to his PSP.

"What mom thought was just a game is actually a very sophisticated piece of electronics that a clever kid can use to capture pornographic images out of thin air. In the school's library, Jeff was eager to show his friends his new Sony Play Station Portable, or PSP. On a dare, Jeff showed his pals how the PSP could magically display images of naked women."

Magically. Display. Images.

Uh huh.

Now, there are Porn UMDs in Japan, but they are not particularly well-known or distributed here in the States. Also, most public high schools don't have the necessary unsecure Wi-Fi network necessary for the PSP to access the internet. Not to mention the fact that a lot of public high schools have Net Nanny-like programs installed to prevent any computer on their network from accessing pornographic websites... perhaps Fox 9 News should compare notes with ABC's Philadelphia affiliate about how to piss off gamers by cooking up false scandals.

If you're curious about how the PSP's networking abilities work, you can learn about them here.


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