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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Antivirus Vendors Overhyping Fear

IT pros have known about this for years, but it's nice to see that the business community has started catch on. In order to sell their products, antivirus vendors have been, and still are, trying to instill a sense of fear into the population with their senseless, low in facts, warnings. Forbes has published an interesting article that resumes the problematic fairly well. Here is an excerpt:

Verisign, the intrepid Web security giant, issued an ominous warning in December. It predicted an imminent invasion by a worm called Sober, which would infect networks worldwide and clog up the Internet. It would be timed to coincide with the 87th anniversary of the founding of the Nazi party. Other firms joined in a chorus of worry, offering an abundance of soundbites for news outlets. Then in January dozens more reports, similarly circulated by security firms, warned that an e-mailed virus called Kama Sutra would ruin PCs from Seattle to Sri Lanka.

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