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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Why Buying Pre-802.11n Devices is a Bad Idea : 802.11n 1.0 Gets Rejected by IEEE 802.11 Members

Today, members of the IEEE 802.11 group working on the 802.11n draft voted against bringing the protocol to the next step in the IEEE process.

A statement from Airgo CEO Greg Raleigh today stated, "The most significant changes required [in the 802.11n draft] are changes to improve interoperability with legacy devices; Draft 1.0 is clearly deficient in protecting the operation of installed networks." Raleigh also referred to recent reports of interoperability and performance problems with some draft 11n products.

If the members of the 802.11n development team feel that the standard is still not ready for commercialisation, I don't think anyone should even consider purchasing pre-802.11n devices, unless you don't mind being stuck with incompatible hardware when compliant access points come out on the market early next year.


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