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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Social Wine Networking

Not too long ago, Dan Cederholm of SimpleBits announced the launch of Cork'd, a social networking site centered around the enjoyment of wine. Though I've never really enjoyed wine, I can understand the need for this site. The ability to tag, keep track of, and share lists and information about a product that has such a staggering number of varieties is a godsend for those who enjoy that product.

This is social networking, but not in a sleezy myspace kind of way. The site isn't a thinly veiled attempt to vacuum personal information under the guise of bringing people together. It's not a mess of advertising and stalkers. It's a clean, beautifully executed vehicle to allow those who enjoy wine to not only keep track of their own personal favorites, but to expand their experience and share their knowledge with others. It hasn't been designed with "let's make money on the info we collect" mentality. It's a web app that's meant for nothing other than for people to use.

And from a strickly geektastic web nerd's point of view, the site is just sweet. It's built by a couple of really talented dudes, who did it because they wanted to. It's a true labor of love. They're also great blogging-types, and have both written about their reflections, technical notes, and other stuff related to the building of Cork'd. Links below. And they're not done yet. After growing from 20 to over 4000 users in the week after it was released, the dudes have done a good job of bug-hunting and digesting feedback. There's plenty more to come from this Cork'd corner of the InterWebz, and not necessarily wine-centric. Stay tuned.

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