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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Social Networking Sites: No Place for Minors or Legit Business

Sites such as MySpace and Friendster have recently drawn the attention of the US Congress, with a proposal to ban minors from social networking Web sites. If you check MySpace for yourself, you're likely to agree with this proposition. There's so much vulgar, unregulated crap on there (porn, violence, etc.), that if you decide to let your kids go to myspace.com, it is almost like if you would be letting them enter a strip club. In this WatchguardWire article, Scott Pinzon, CISSP, let us know his take on the situation and tells us why schools and businesses should be banning access to social networking websites.

I appreciate the freedom of expression MySpace offers its users, and I defend their right to enjoy it. My use of MySpace was beneficial to me. But it is not a safe playground for those under 16 (minimally) or 18 (preferred). And for the vast majority of industries, I can't think of one reason any employee on a business network needs access to MySpace.

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