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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Motorola PVOT: A Hand Cranked Powered Cell Phone

While browsing my daily list of rss feeds this morning, I stumbled upon this absurdity on technology filter. Motorola recently unveiled a new concept phone named the "PVOT". This cell phone was thought out with developing countries in mind, so Motorola decided to add an alternative way to power the device in case the battery runs out of juice: A FRICKIN' HAND CRANK! Need to lose some weight? Just get this phone and start cranking! 25 sweat-inducing crank will add up approximately 1 minute of usage to the phone.

They're aiming this at developing countries. Supposedly the same countries that'll take the MIT hand-crank-powered $100 notebook. So now weakened, malnourished people will be able to make cell calls or use Linux by hand-cranking their electronic equipment. Wonder how many of them will expire while cranking away at this stuff (Source: Tech. Filter).

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