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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Microsoft introduces a search tool for all its search tools

At the 10th annual CEO Summit yesterday, Microsoft announced the introduction of an enterprise-level tool named Windows Live Search. If you think that name sounds familiar, you're probably right. It's the same as another Microsoft product, whose services this new one will actually be using. The goal of this new tool will be to integrate search facilities of multiple applications and web services under a single search interface.

Is it possible that two divisions of the company just happened to have picked the same name for their different products accidentally? Not from what you'll discover if you read further down in the literature. The new product is being touted as a single clearing house for queries, binding together the search and retrieval features of multiple Microsoft search-capable products. In that list of things being bound together under one enterprise-level interface are "Windows Desktop Search, Intranet search provided by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Internet search via Windows Live Search, among others". (Source: TG Daily)

I bet that it won't be long until we hear people start screaming about this. Microsoft has always been known for their unfair practices when it comes to steal the target audience of rival companies. Would integrating a web search engine directly in Windows operating systems be considered uncompetitive, even if this engine is only a part of a bigger search application? I'm pretty sure it would.

Read the full story at TG Daily.


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