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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hey Doc, Are You a Gamer?

According to a study by the Advanced Medical Technology Institute at Beth Israel, Surgeons who warmed up by playing video games for 20 minutes immediately prior to performing surgical drills were faster and made fewer errors than those who did not. If I ever need to have an open heart surgery, I'll have to make sure that my doc plays a game of PacMan before he enters the operation room. Having him sit in front of Postal 2 or Doom III instead might not be a very good idea.

Researchers found that surgeons who played video games immediately before the drill completed it an average of 11 seconds faster than those who did not. Any errors committed during the training lengthened the time it took to complete the task — indicating that faster finishers made fewer mistakes. Source: Reuters

Read more (via RealTechNews).


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