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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dell Strikes Back Editorial

The guys at [H] Consumer recently pubbed a great editorial covering a little visit they did to Dell's Headquarter in Texas to have a look at what the computer giant is doing to improve the performance in their XPS product lines. They cover everything from bloatware to installed driver revisions. A great read for all of you gamers looking for the "perfect system" out there.

Our four hours at Dell were not wasted with PR double-speak. Indeed, our meetings were with Directors and Managers that were immediately responsible for the direction of Dell’s XPS product lines. What was very evident to us was that the people we met with, including Michael Dell, were passionate about their opportunity to improve the customer experience and show us exactly how they intended to do it. They clearly outlined their efforts ranging from new products to a completely new software deployment strategy on their systems. We were even given a demo of Dell’s upcoming DellConnect technical support feature that allows a technician to, with the permission of the user, directly fix issues with a customer’s computer over the internet, cutting down on miscommunications and allowing Dell support to “teach” a customer how to fix their computers on their own.

Read more. (Source: [H] Consumer)


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