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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blu-Ray Finally Arrives

Sony has recently announced their first Blu-Ray compatible computer systems to hit the market. The new AR-Series of Sony Vaio laptops will be compatible with this new disc technology; for those of you who don't know about Blu-Ray discs, the next-generation disc format is designed to store high density data and high-definition video. The name "Blu-Ray" comes from the blue-violet laser it uses to read and write to the disc.

The format is going to be used on Sony's upcoming PS3 consoles (one of the supposed reasons for the console's insanely high price). But, back to the laptops: Sony isn't skimping on any of the system specs (Digital TV-ready, Intel Core Duo processors, GeForce Go 7600 video card, and a built in digital camera), and the price tag is reflecting this choice. Prices are starting at $1800 and running up to around $3500 (the higher price is for the Blu-Ray compatible units).

Pocket-lint has the story.


  • There's no way I'll buy a Sony Laptop, EVER!

    The same goes for all of their products. With all the mistakes they've made in the last year, and the bad press they received from it, I doubt that I'm the only one thinking like this.

    By Anonymous Michael Smith, at 10:22 AM  

  • I've actually got a Sony laptop and camera and have been pretty happy with both (camera's largely used for snapshots, but it's sleek and tiny). The laptop was actually a warranty replacement from Best Buy after my Toshiba started having problems, and it's still pretty powerful one year later. The thing died a couple of weeks ago and Best Buy sent it out to Sony for repairs, where they replaced the keyboard, motherboard, graphics card, and hard drive (so, I basically got a new computer out of it). So, before you judge them too harshly, remember that their tech support is pretty decent.
    I'm actually a big fan of Sony technology... just not the price tag that comes with it a lot of the time.

    By Blogger vansau, at 12:28 PM  

  • I don't like sony much either.. especially since the famous rootkit fiasco occured. Their laptop are fine tho.

    Sony never does anything like others, they always have to use stupid proprietary formats: Beta for videos, Memory Stick for digital cameras, Uncompatible Mini DVDs to go in their camcorder, and the list goes on..

    By Blogger Kiltak, at 1:38 PM  

  • I'm not at all a Sony fan, especially after the rootkit fiasco either. I will admit that some of their products are solidly built though. And as much as I hate the company and the way they handled (botched!) the rootkit mess, it's important to remember that the company is GIANT, to say the least. Their corporate idiots aren't the same people as the engineers and developers.

    Same thing with regards to Microsoft. That company makes me angry. But once you have a look behind the scenes, it's hard to get mad at the developers who're in the trenches. Gotta separate the idiot management and corporate goons from the techno-geniuses.

    I'm still not going to give them my money though.

    By Blogger theMatt, at 8:08 PM  

  • Power to the people! Down with the capitalists!

    By Blogger vansau, at 5:36 PM  

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