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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Apparently Iran's Army wasn't cool enough

An upcoming and unnamed video game is finally letting Iranian gamers get back at the oppressive military forces of the United States...

*checks a map*
Um... forget about that last line, will you? Thanks.

According to Iran News, the game's plot involves the rescue of an Iranian engineer who has been kidnapped by American forces while on a pilgrimage to the Shiite holy city of Karbala. As a result, Commander Bahman (who was a friend of the engineer's father during the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s) is put at the head of a task force whose purpose is to rescue the man.

Supposedly, the game is being developed by a group known as the Students' Islamic Association, but this is a bit difficult to prove at the moment (no link was provided and no clue was provided as to where this group was located, and a Google search brings up an insane number of links).

What makes this particularly interesting is the possibility that this game could be developed by a US-based group of students; if it is, this could prove to be a huge part of the "games as free speech" debate going on throughout various states' legislatures right now. Stay tuned: as more information turns up on this, we'll report it.

UPDATE: According to a far superior Reuters article, the game is actually being designed by the Iranian Union of Islamic Student Societies (again, sorry, no site was found, but at least we have the name of a real group). The game, which is due out sometime before March 2007, is apparently a response to Kuma Reality Games' recent Iran-based missions as well as the current controversy surrounding Iran's nuclear research program.


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