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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Warning! Computers can Cripple You

Yes they can! Didn't you know that working on a computer all day long can be very dangerous? (Ok, maybe we're exaggerating a bit) Anyways, to get on with the story, it has been known that some people have been developing RSI (repetitive strain injury) after having been using computers for extended periods of time. According to a recent survey by the TUC, RSI effects one in 50 of the working population, and up to six people a day have to stop working because of it.

The crippling effect of RSI is a tragedy for the individuals and a significant drain on companies and the economy. In a future article I will look at technology that can reduce the chance of RSI. But firstly, here are some simple tips from the TUC that everyone can take to reduce the incidents of RSI[...](Source : The Register)

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