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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Microsoft is offering MS Virtual Server R2 2005 for free

Any of you guys uses a virtual server to run multiple OSs on a single computer? I've been doing it for a while with VMWare, and it works great. Vmware lets me run all of my windows and linux OSs on a single machine, so when it's time to test out those new "Black Tuesday" patches, I don't have to do it on a production environment. If something goes wrong, I can always undo my changes automatically and roll back the OS to a previous state. A real life-saver.

Microsoft has decided to let people download their newest version of MS Virtual Server for free. The previous version wasn't as good as VMWare, but I have no ideas about how the 2005 version handles the job.

If you are curious about this new product of theirs, you can download it right here.


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