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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Google in Need of the Feminine Touch

The IT world has always been almost exclusively populated by testosterone-driven individuals, despite the fact that a lot of tech companies would do anything to find women to work for them. It's an industry wide problem and it seems that the situation isn't improving as the years goes by. When I started studying in IT 14 years ago, our class was composed of approximately 155 guys and 2 women. 3 years later, we were only 8 to receive our diploma, and the 2 women were still there. In the 11 years I've been gone, I heard that there wasn't a single girl that enrolled in the program. If you are one of my female readers and want to do something about reversing this trend, go and apply at Google Australia, they're hiring!

Internationally, the search engine behemoth strives to employ workers from many backgrounds, a recognition that its customers also come from every background. In Australia it hired more than 10 engineers from five ethnic backgrounds - but despite its best efforts, not a single woman.

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