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Friday, April 21, 2006

Get Your Geek On: Train the Night Away in Shorts

People working in information technology constantly need to upgrade their skills if they want to stay employable in this rapidly changing market. Unfortunately, training isn't always something we look forward to when we have obligations outside of our professional life. A company named "Geek Cruises" is trying to make life easier for IT professionals and their families by offering them "working vacations" where geeks of all ages can get a suntan while having their brain packed with all the latest tech skills.

Yes, we're talking about the rapture of geeks, learning things, on cruises. In a radical redefinition of the term "working vacation," specialized IT training excursions are cropping up everywhere, offering tech workers the opportunity to simultaneously hone their skills and suntans. And as the testimonials on the site of one such outfit, Geek Cruises, show, business and pleasure are making a perfect match. (Source: eWeek)

I wonder if I could get my employer to pay me a 2 week training session on a cruise like this. I really doubt that they'll accept, but hey, he who tries nothing has nothing. Hawaii, here I come!

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