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Friday, April 21, 2006

A Darwinian View of Malware: The Evolution of Malicious Code

If we go back a few years, the main goal of malware developers was to wreak havoc upon the digital lives of unsuspecting users, but recently, their intent has changed. Malware development is now a profitable activity, so malicious code authors can now sell their creations (Or access to system that got compromised by them) via underground auctions held in the deepest pit of cyber-hell. Everything is available over there if you have the money: Spam zombies, adware victims, login credentials, credit car numbers, and the list goes on.

Mary Landesman, a respected antivirus professional and guide for Antivirus.About.com has just pubbed this very interesting article explaining how and why malware has evolved in recent years. She is also providing readers with ways to protect themselves against these digital threats. A very interesting read.


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