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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Windows Live Mail Desktop : A renamed version of Outlook Express?

This week, Microsoft has started to beta-test Windows Live Mail Desktop, a new mail client that will allow people to manage their Hotmail account directly from their desktop. In addition to working with Hotmail, the application can also be used to manage POP3 and various other online mail services. Microsoft tries to make us believe that this client is something new and different, but in fact, it's nothing more then a renamed version of Outlook Express with a few extras thrown in.

"In addition to working with multiple Windows Live Mail or Hotmail accounts, the new desktop software can be used to manage POP3 or IMAP accounts, potentially even Google's Gmail"

Outlook express already does everything that was claimed in this article, so what's so special about Windows Live Mail Desktop? I'm sure the new client will bring a few innovations, but renaming Outlook Express is probably a marketing trick to attract the eyes of the computer enthusiasts’ community.

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