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Monday, March 06, 2006

Windows Backup Strategies For Home Users

One thing that everyone should think about (unfortunately, most of us don't) is to adopt a backup strategy for your home computer. If you are among the minority of users who actually back up your data, then you can give yourself a pat in the back because most people tend to forget that computers can crash. TweakHound pubbed this excellent guide covering different backup techniques that can save you a lot of trouble in case your HD decides that it doesn't want to live anymore.

"This article is intended to introduce the average user to the various backup methods available and to provide a brief overview of these methods. By doing so I hope to show that backing up a computer is a quick and easy process. Backing up your Operating System and data is an essential step in computing. The number of users I have come across that have had to reinstall their OS losing all settings, or lost data such as documents, music, and pictures is truly sad. The reasons for this loss are varied but include viruses, hardware failure, and user error."

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