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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sony's PS3 game console delayed

Gamers that were eagerly waiting for the PS3 will have to be patient, because apparently, the console will not get released until next November.

"Sony Corp. said Wednesday it would delay the release of its new PlayStation 3 video game console until early November because development of some of the technology was behind schedule."

That's too bad for Sony, a six-month delay in the launch date could mean handing further advantage to Microsoft. I'm not sure that hardcore gamers will be ready to wait an additional 6 months before getting their hands on a PS3. They may even choose to get an XBox instead!

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  • I find it to be the contrary. If one were to be truely, a "hardcore" gamer, they would have the patience to wait for PS3. On another note, if they were that "hardcore" they might have already purchased the Xbox 360, and are now waiting to purchase the PS3 too. In a sense being hardcore enough to invest in more than one system.

    I think the average consumer would be impatient with the six month wait. What would it matter to them if it's a Xbox 360 or PS3? They probably just want a new system and would have less preference or brand loyalty.

    Just my take on it...


    By Blogger Kyle L, at 7:41 PM  

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