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Monday, March 06, 2006

Most spyware comes from... checkers?

Researchers from the University of Washington sent Web crawlers to more than 20 million Web pages, looking to see what types of sites host spyware. The findings might surprise you.

"A study conducted by the University of Washington has found that the "Internet neighborhoods" most likely to infect your compure with spyware are not porn or gambling sites, as the conventional wisdom has held. Instead, Web sites where you can play games host the greatest ratio of spyware-to-goodware. The study found that one in five gaming sites hosted spyware, the highest percentage of any category of sites. More predictably, music sites were second-worst, with about one in nine hosting spyware. Sites about celebrities were also risky, with about one out of every seven executable files from a celebrity site being adware or spyware."

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