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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Microsoft Admits Internet Explorer Mistakes

Bill Gates admits that he made a mistake in waiting to build new innovations in its own browser technology, Internet Explorer. Now Microsoft is answering that challenge and is already looking ahead to the next two releases of IE. From what I have seen up to now, IE7 isn't that innovative. Tab Browsing, RSS support, Anti-Phishing protections? These features have been included in Firefox for a while, so please don't tell me that IE7 will revolutionize the browser world.

"In a sense we're doing a 'mea culpa' in saying we've waited too long for a new browser release," Gates said during his talk to kick off Microsoft's first show for designers and developers of high-impact Web sites. "We are very immersed in the browser as a platform."

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  • Finally! It's about bloody time they've admitted what a lame duck IE is.

    IE7 seems at best to be an attempt at playing catch-up. There're so many comparisons between IE7 and the other "modern browsers", but few are making equivilent comparisons. Firefox now seems comparable to IE7. But by the time IE7 is released, the competition will have innovated and moved on again.

    Unfortunately, MS can still rely strongly on their "installed and embedded by default" advantage. But at least standards support is improving. There is still hope.

    By Blogger theMatt, at 8:04 PM  

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