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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Freezing your your hard drive as a Data Recovery solution? : A Parody of the technique

If you guys have been reading [Geeks Are Sexy] for a while, you'll probably remember the little hard disk recovery experiment that I did back in January. I froze a defective HD to try and get back some data out of it, and had moderate success with the attempt. Only do this as a last resort, this isn't something that should be done when other options are available to you.

BBspot published a parody of this technique about 2 years ago. I just stumbled on it today and had quite a laugh reading it out. This is a joke by the way, don't follow their instructions!

"A cheaper and quieter solution solution would be to completely immerse the hard drive in water. Sometimes, however, a hard drive can run so hot that it will quickly evaporate the water. In these situations, we recommend freezing the hard drive in a block of ice."


  • We do this sometimes at the shop that I work at. It gets maybe a third of drives that you couldn't otherwise get data off of. Customers always have to be explained that when we're 'putting their drive in the freezer', we actually mean a freezer and not some technical device.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:18 AM  

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