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Monday, February 20, 2006

Which version of Vista will you run? You have 8 choices

Yes 8 of them, ridiculous isn't it? I always thought that a Pro and Home version was more then enough to please everybody, but now Microsoft came up with this absurdity. Supporting 2 versions is already giving us, the system administrators, enough work as it is, and now we'll have to deal with the particularities of 8 different operating systems.

Here they are:

  • Windows Starter 2007: Vista without Aero, only ships in 32-bit version.
  • Windows Vista Home Basic: Basic Windows Vista for your single PC home.
  • Windows Vista Home Basic N: Same as Home Basic, but without Media Player (For European countries).
  • Windows Vista Home Premium: superset of Home Basic, but with Media Center and Media Center Extender functionality (including Cable Card support).
  • Windows Vista Business: Same as XP Pro, but for Vista.
  • Windows Vista Business N: Same as XP Pro, but for Vista in Europe.
  • Windows Vista Enterprise: Business version of Vista with additional enterprise features (Virtual PC, etc.).
  • Windows Vista Ultimate: Superset of both Vista Home Premium and Vista Business, include all of the features of both of those products, plus other features.
If this summary didn't satisfy your thirst for knowledge and you want to learn additional details about these new operating systems, check out this review from winsupersite.com.


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