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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Welcome To The Blogosphere: Population 27.2 Million And Growing

These days, everyone seems to be blogging: my wife, friends, colleagues and even a few of my neighbors. What has brought people to embrace this new phenomenon? Is it a fad, or will it stay in our lives forever? I know that personally, blogging brought me to explore technology in an all new way, and helped me improve my written English tremendously. The success of [Geeks Are Sexy] is also a reward by itself, encouraging me to continue writing new, unique and interesting (I hope) content. According to this InformationWeek article, a new blog is created every second and the phenomenon has grown 60 times larger than it was three years ago. The web now counts approximately 27.2 million blogs, most of them unknown, and this number is growing daily.

"In his periodic "State of the Blogosphere," published most recently on Monday, Sifry said that there are about 27.2 million blogs and 75,000 new ones created each day. At that rate, the blogosphere doubles about every 5.5 months."

Read more on InformationWeek.


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