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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Shavlik owns my soul

Mark Shavlik, CEO and founder of Shavlik Technologies, posted a link pointing to me on his blog for a personal review I did of HFNetChkPro, one of the best patch management solution available for SMBs today. For those that never heard about this product and are working in an environment that is in serious need of a patch management solution, I strongly suggest that you consult my review of the application and get a demo version right now for a test run.

"I wanted to point out the work this reviewer did at GeeksAreSexy for one of our products, and to thank them since they did this on their own. The site is a good general tech site, well worth knowing about."

You heard him, now start spreading the word! Banners are right here. Seriously, if you like [Geeks Are Sexy] in any way and you'd like to help, posting a link pointing to me would be greatly appreciated. I can also customize banners for your site if you do not like the available ones.

On a side note, Shavlik is also publishing a VERY interesting newsletter named "The Remediator Security Digest". If you are interested in computer security, then you'll love what this newsletter has to offer.

As you can see, Shavlik owns my soul.


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