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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Next Gen Triple Threat: PS3 vs. Revolution vs. Xbox 360

The battle is beginning to heat up as the next generation of console wars kicks things into high gear. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the battle for your next generation gaming dollars has begun. Let's get ready to Ruuummmble!

"While the Xbox 360 is off to a solid start, the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution have yet to enter the fight in full force. However, over the next 6-10 months, all three players will deal their best hands in an effort to wow the gamer and take some money from the competition. Sony dominated that last two console cycles, but it looks like the company will have its toughest fight yet as the Xbox 360 and Revolution are looking to significantly cut into the PlayStation 3 market share. Let's break down how these three behemoths stack up against each other."

Personally, I think that Microsoft has a major advantage this time with the early release of their new gaming console. They will also have the chance to lower the price tags on all their different versions of the 360 when the PS3/Revolution will be coming out in the next few months. Sony used to have the biggest slice of the "gaming console market" pie, but every good thing has to end eventually, and I pray that this time, Sony will be going down the drain. Yes I hate Sony. I hate their proprietary technologies, their rootkit infested CDs and the falling quality of their products.

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