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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Instant iSCSI By Open-E: Bringing Cheap SANs at your fingertips!

Everyone knows it, SANs (Storage area networks) are expensive and usually require specialized skills to implement. Open-E, a company that specialize in storage solutions, recently released iSCSI (Internet SCSI), a product that can turn any computer into a powerful and flexible SAN device. Toms hardware just pubbed this excellent review of the innovative solution.

"The iSCSI protocol is used to encapsulate native storage data into IP packages, which in turn allows for transferring this data over existing networks as if these were a local storage interface such as UltraSCSI. Due to the large variety of IP networks (PAN, WLAN, LAN by means of Ethernet or Fibre Channel, WAN, MAN and the Internet), a storage area network (SAN) based on the iSCSI protocol can technically bridge any distance, and it is only limited by the performance of the particular network(s) it uses."


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