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Monday, February 13, 2006

A Guide to Safer Web Browsing

The guys at TechFear have published a good guide about how to safely browse the web. Now you're probably thinking "Why the heck is he telling me that? Does he think I'm an idiot?". To this I answer: "No, of course not" but I thought that you could always point your computer challenged friends to it. If people around you know how to browse the internet safely, it means that you won't have to waste your time going to their home to fix their virus / spyware infested computers for free. Good deal don't you think? Don't forget: educating users is the way to trouble-free and relaxing weekends.

"Unfortunately, too many users ignore warning signs. Some may rapidly click the OK button when faced with an application installation dialog box without taking time to read what is being installed. This can result in unwanted applications that on one hand can slow browsing to a crawl, but on the other hand could be allowing the installation of adware, spyware, or a virus. Browsers with multiple toolbars are a good example of this type of rapid-click action."

You can also consult my guide about computer security: Microsoft Windows security for computer illiterates


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