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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ever dreamt of getting an iPod? iPods are cheaper then ever!

Yesterday, in order to win the favor of a poorer crowd, Apple released a 512MB and 1GB version of their iPod Shuffle, respectively priced at $69 and 99$. That's pretty cheap compared to what these used to cost a few months ago. A 1GB Nano also appeared on the market for a measly $149. Be the envy of you friends and family, get one now :)

Personally, I wouldn't even touch one of those from 200 miles away. I prefer my 1GB Sandisk Sansa m240 which is cheaper and sexier in my own opinion. Loading MP3s on it is also a lot easier due to the fact that I don't need any bloatware (iTunes) slowing down my box. Just open the drive associated with the player via explorer, copy your stuff over just like you would copy ordinary files, and unplug. Voila , you're done!

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