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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Windows Event Log Management : The simple way to do it.

Managing windows event logs is a real nightmare, especially in a corporate environment. A single server can create thousands of messages in just a few minutes, just imagin how many 10 servers could generate! Microsoft provides you with the event viewer to help you browse through these events, but unfortunatly, this application was not tought out very well and makes consultings windows log a pain in the rear.

A few products are available on the market to help you in this daunting task. Altairtech EventReader is one of the best and cheapest one. It presents you with an improved way of viewing the Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP event logs. It also provides a couple of additional functionalities that are not integrated in the original eventviewer. At 39$USD, the purchase of this software should not bust your IT budget, and if it does, maybe you should be reviewing your priorities.

Eventviewer features:

  • Filtering based on a certain time interval, the granularity up to a second.
  • Filtering based on the type of event (Error, warnings, failure audit, etc...).
  • Filtering based on event id/source combinations.
  • Computer list. While there may be many Windows NT/2000/XP computers within a company, the administrators only need to monitor the events on specific computers (servers that are critical to the company). The ability to have a list of these computers that can be accessed via a mouse click saves time and lots of mouse clicks. The computers can be organized in groups.
  • Consolidate logs view. Through this feature, one can consolidate all the logs from all the computers in the group or all the logs for one particular computer.
  • Sorting of the information displayed by date/time, event source, event type, event id, computer or user name.
  • Ability to save and read .evt files.
  • Ability to export the current event list in html format.
  • Columns widths for event details can be adjusted and are preserved from one use to another
  • Scheduled custom HTML reports.
  • Email notifications. EventReader can send you email notifications if a new event is recorded during a refresh.

click for a larger view

Many people do not take the time to even look at their event logs. Doing it could save you A LOT of trouble. What are you waiting for? Go and get your free trial now! No I'm not getting paid for this, I'm only promoting a software which was a real time-saver for me. I think everybody should know about it.


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