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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Top 11 new year's resolutions geeks will make and break in 2006.

Here are the top 11 new year's resolutions geeks will make and break in 2006 according to BBspot.

  1. I will not start playing any video game after 2 am.
  2. I will read a book that's neither sci-fi nor fantasy.
  3. I will only make insightful, relevant posts in forums.
  4. I will spend more of my waking hours away from the computer than on it.
  5. I will stop correcting friends when they refer to Star Trek as Star Wars and vice versa.
  6. I will only patch my software when I need to.
  7. I will not make any expensive hardware upgrades just to get a 5% performance increase.
  8. I will not talk about my awesome computer system at non-geek social events.
  9. I will only blame Bill Gates for things that are actually his fault.
  10. I will always show tolerance for people who don't know the difference between memory and hard drive space. (This one is my personal favorite :) )
  11. I will not deface your website just because you disrespected my level 60 Night Elf druid.
Note to digg users: I did not submit this story on digg, so don't bash me for posting content comming from somewhere else. I know how you guys are :) I did post the referal link back to bbspot.


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