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Monday, January 23, 2006

Tech support woes

One of my favorite columnist, Scott Granneman, wrote this article about the real cost of outsourcing technical support to foreign countries. I don't think I can count the number of times when I had to call HP or Dell to get some support for a defective computer and ended up speaking with someone in India that couldn't even pronounce his fake english name properly. The only luck I had with foreign support was with Cisco, which always provided me with a more then excellent experience.

"Technical support that's outsourced to foreign countries can cause frustration and have a negative impact on security when the problems remain unsolved."

Read more.

And while being on the subject, check out this hilarious flash animation about an angry US customer calling an indian based tech. support call center.


  • I've had a bit of experience with difficult to understand technical support people. But I also get infuriated having to climb the tech phone ladder to speak to someone on my level. Actually, it's not so much even being on my ability level, as it is someone who will truly listen. I don't like having to repeat 4 or 5 times that I've already tried something the tech is suggesting a dozen times, and stepped through all the steps carefully.

    And I hate the techs who try to blame problems with their products on other products. I serviced a brand new router for someone recently. The solution to the problem was simply switching to a channel where there was no RF interfearance, but the techs I spoke to kept trying to get me to reinstall the Atheros driver on my Ubuntu notebook, and the USRobotics Windows 98SE driver on another notebook. They insisted that I talk to USRobotics, because the problem with the wireless must be in the pcmcia cards -- then again, I'm sure this support was farmed overseas.

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