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Thursday, January 05, 2006

HD DVD players: significantly cheaper then Blu-ray rivals

This year's CES is currently hosting a gentle war between 2 of the most talked about technologies of 2005: Blu-Ray and HD DVD. While Blu-ray tried to attract people by showing an armada of HD players, Toshiba won the day by announcing that HD DVD players will not only be released in time, but will also be significantly cheapers then any Blu-ray players on the market. According to toshiba's corporate VP, Joe Bulfiare, the first HD DVD player will be shipped in march for a suggested retail price of 499$, compared to 1800$ for the first Blu-Ray player.

Personally, any news that can help Sony go down the drain are welcomed ones. I still haven't swallowed the Sony rootkit fiasco pill and everything that went along with it. Astalavista Sony!

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