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Friday, December 02, 2005

The self-chilling can

Now this is an awesome little invention: The self-chilling can. I can see myself getting a can of ice cold beer from the pantry, and go outside in the heat (during the summer months) to relax without the need to chill my drink for a couple of hours.

Quote from gizmag.com

"It is the stuff of science fiction but soon enough you'll be reaching in to the pantry for that ice cold drink. It's a paradox that's still a few summers away from supermarket shelves but the I.C Can is very real. Created by Tempra Technology and Crown Cork & Seal the I.C Can works through simple evaporation not compressed gas."

Read more about it on gizmag (via realtechnews)

Update: Oliver rist, a fellow blogger who maintain MSN official technology blog, wrote about the same gadget on his blog, but added a few additional details about it. It made me laugh so hard, I have to let you guys read it.

"It's even environmentally friendly. That'll comfort me hugely as I tumble drunkenly down an escaltor at the airport swigging ice cold beer with my eyes glues to my cell phone"


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