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Monday, December 12, 2005

It's big, bad and named Apophis

Apophis, a 390m asteroid comming at us from millions of kilometers away, could hit Earth in 31 years time. For those who wonder where that name comes from, Apolis was an ancient and evil Egyptian demon that was supposed to plunge earth into eternal darkness. Very appropriate when you think about what this big lump of rock could do to our planet. Scientists are debating if they should develop the technology that would be necessary to deflect or destroy threats like these or not. It seems that Earth is statisticly overdue for an asteroid strike.

The technology would take decades to design, so I think that even if the probability of an asteroid hitting earth in the next 100 years is very small, we should proceed and make some investments in researching a mean of destroying threats from outer space..

"Nasa has estimated that an impact from Apophis, which has an outside chance of hitting the Earth in 2036, would release more than 100,000 times the energy released in the nuclear blast over Hiroshima. Thousands of square kilometres would be directly affected by the blast but the whole of the Earth would see the effects of the dust released into the atmosphere."

Read more on guardian.co.uk


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