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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Internet Explorer 7 will come with increased security and functionalities

Microsoft's web browser, Internet Explorer, will be getting significant security improvements with the release of their 7.0 version. They had to do something to slow down the progress of Firefox, the free browser from the Mozilla foundation. Millions of people have already switched to Firefox in the past year, so Microsoft had to come with something new to fight back.

Microsoft will try to get back those Firefox users with a new browser that has:

  • Protected mode: IE7 will be running with lower privileges than the main operating system
  • Phishing filters: Users will be protected from false URL redirection and suspicious SSL certificates
  • Tabbed browsing: Users will be able to browse by tabs, and not necessarily by windows. You won't have to open 3 different IE windows to look at 3 different pages at the same time. Firefox has been using that feature for a while
  • Built-in support for Web feeds (RSS) directly in the browser
  • A completely new redesigned interface

IE 7 is currently under beta testing for developers only. If you want to learn more about Microsoft's newest browser, you can download their technology overview right here


  • Long way to go to beat Opera

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:40 AM  

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