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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Geeks are sexy! + Teresa Noreen +

Hey everyone,

My good friend Teresa Noreen did something that made me drop my jaw this week. I was quite happy about it, to tell you frankly. After all, I was the one that discovered her new nickname: Teresa "Dweeb Goddess" Noreen. Let me tell you something, she's one sexy nerd! Here is what she had to say about this whole "Geeks Are Sexy" Business.

"Hey Friends! What happens when three geeks get together with a thong? BELOW is what happens!!!

Earlier in
another blog I mentioned being given the honorable title of Dweeb Goddess by my now-good friend Kiltak, the lead contributor to the (we)blog http://geeksaresexy.blogspot.com/. Well, another good friend, Latimer, stumbled across a "geeks are sexy" thong online, purchased it for me, and had it shipped to me. In the time I waited for it to arrive, my mind filled with Puh-LENTY of geeky ways to make the most of my new gift.

So here you go - two mini-CDs and some silver elastic with red rhinestones isn't very practical at the beach, but how often do steretypical geeks make it to the beach??? (Not that any of us meet the geek stereotype!!!) I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed making them. And Yan - these are here to share! Thanks guys!!!"

Now enjoy the picture, and don't forget to look at the thong ;) It honors my blog tremendiously

For those that are curious about who she is, here is part of her bio, taken from
Tom's Hardware.

"Teresa is a lot more than just a pretty face - or a fantasy figure, for that matter. She's a hardcore gamer, a case modder, and with the help of her husband - sorry, guys - she built her own car computer.

She's been playing seriously since she was in high school (she's in her late 20s). Her initial foray into gaming ollowed the same path as many others who get hooked on this form or activity, namely game consoles attached to a television set. She got her start on gaming with PlayStation 2 and Nintendo, courtesy of a high-school boyfriend who was himself a console gaming aficionado. Since then, she's spent a lot of time in front of game controllers and mastering video games of many kinds.

Teresa also confesses to being something of an untraditional women gamer herself, in that she "likes guy things" and has no problem with the blood'n'guts outlook or the occasional obligatory male persona she must take on in traditional shoot-em-up games. In fact, she confesses an unabashed passion for cars as well as video games, and believes that video games not only "spur imagination, and promote creative thinking," but believes that they also "improve hand-to-eye coordination." While she's no longer into console gaming (she never owned one herself, but always played on other people's equipment), she's made the jump into PC based gaming. "I could finally afford a machine that's fast enough to let me play my favorite role-playing games online."

Just how good is Teresa? She was good enough to make the cut for the Las Vegas finals in the online contest Sony ran to find a spokesmodel for its EverQuest role-playing game "Quest for Antonia." She was also good enough to land in third place overall, based on online input and Sony's judging, and actually placed first overall in the online voting that led up to the final scoring. This contest was concluded on August 15, 2005, and whetted Teresa's appetite for a full-time modeling career. You might have recognized one of her costumes in the picture of her holding the Axim. (You were looking closely at the PDA, right?)

Teresa's had to let her EverQuest subscription lapse for the moment, however. She's currently working on a bachelor's degree in business administration and starting out in what promises to be a successful modeling career (she was leaving for a modeling gig in Las Vegas the morning we interviewed her). She says she'll jump back in to gaming as soon as she has some more free time, and looks forward to spending more time playing, and possibly, returning to the contest circuit if the right opportunity comes along."

Teresa's official site is at: http://www.tnoreen.com/


  • Oh my God! I was about to write what my blog is about but I changed my mind. Teresea is gorgeous, real gorgeous. I love MDs!!! I am out of my words.

    Anyway, let's return to the main subject. I have a site about geek culture (www.geekunited.net it is on Turkish) and my blog is about everything. I saw your blog 2 weeks ago and added it to my links. Keep up the good work.

    By Blogger Gøkberk, at 2:19 PM  

  • Very, very hot. The thumbnail of this pic (spotted on digg.com) is what brought me to your site.

    By Blogger Wolfger, at 11:57 AM  

  • too bad about the fake breasts, though...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:24 AM  

  • She is damn hot... Hehehee... Happy New Year dude...

    God bless u n ur friend... :P

    By Anonymous Maji, at 3:42 PM  

  • Yan, contact me through myspace - we need to update (or delete) the photos you have of me. ;-)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:46 PM  

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