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Thursday, December 01, 2005

From MySpace to murder

The internet isn't only about good news guys, there's a lot of dark things happening on there, and there are dark corners all over the place.

Myspace.com, a popular social network meeting spot on the web hosted the profile of Kara Borden, a 14-year-old little girl. After looking at her profile, kara's boyfriend decided to murder her, and 1 day later, her parents. Nobody knows exactly why he did it.

Public access to Kara's and David's blogs are now restricted, but hundreds of curious web users flooded their profiles with messages offering their take on events.

The Internet can be a very sad place sometimes :(


On the good side of things, myspace.com is hosting the personal blog of my friend
Teresa Noreen, dubbed the "Dweeb Goddess" by myself. She's a very smart and beautiful lady with a deep nerdy streak. I heard she could kick anybodies ass in most 1st person shooter games. I wonder if that's true.

We love you teresa ;)



  • Oh no - that chic is too hot - now I am depressed ..... maybe I need surgery Ha ha ha!!! My comments are so deep - NOT!! Cheers! Tina from the 'knife'!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:45 PM  

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