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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Disney tempts kids with cartoons for calories

As I was reading this article, my head was yelling at me that something was profondly wrong with this story. Fast food companies are enslaving children's minds with junk food and media candies.

US patent proposal #20050252958 looks harmless at first: "System and method for wireless transfer of data content to a portable device." But if you look deeper into the story, something far more sinister appears.

"Disney has proposed that fast food companies could sell media players along with special kids meals and hook the youngsters to greasy sandwiches and Disney content. When your child walks into McDonald's, for example, and buys a kids meal, he's entitled to just one part of a short Disney cartoon that downloads automatically to the media device. To get the rest of the video, the child needs to return to McDonald's and purchase more meals."

This is truly bad news for ourselves and for our children.

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