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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Tom's hardware Holiday Buyers Guide 2005

Tom's hardware came out with a nice buyers guide for next chrismas. Guys, you really have to check it out. Everything is presented by a Dweeb Goddess: Teresa Noreen.

"Ah, another year of being naughty and nice - hopefully to some of the same people. It is once again time to imagine a snow-filled morning, with a tree and plenty of presents, some wrapped with care, others in haste. Hard for us to do, living here in the land of earthquakes and mudslides in sunny, smoggy, Los Angeles, but we'll try to get into the spirit of the season. Helping us along this year is our model, Teresa Noreen, who obliged us with some of the products that our editors have carefully chosen to delight and amuse you - in some cases they even let you get some real work done..."



Update: Teresa contacted me on "myspace.com" to tell me: "I never imagined I'd be dubbed a Dweeb Goddess??? But I like it! ;-) ". I'll plug her personal url here to drive some traffic to her site. I get around 10-15 hits per day that come on here from people that are searching google for "Teresa Noreen". She's also becoming quite a celebrity. She'll be co-hosting Stonecold TV for her friend Mike Stone. If you live in Atlanta proper, then you can catch the show on Comcast channel 24, Mondays at 11 PM. Tune in for her interviews of your favorite Hard Rock bands, their music videos and PLENTY of outlandish escapades you'll only find on Stonecold TV!

Teresa's webiste: http://www.tnoreen.com/

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