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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Next Generation of MP3 Glasses

Bigruin.com brought us a review of a marvelous pair of mp3 sunglasses: The Nu Tech Dark Shadow 256MB MP3 Sunglasses. Hmm, I bet you that only ninjas wear these. They do look "Ninjaish" don't you think?

Quoting from Bigruin.com:

"Finally a dual purpose gadget that actually does everything it is supposed to do, and in this case does so very well. The
Nu Tech Dark Shadow Sunglasses MP3 player from Geeks.com are a pleasant surprise and well exceeded all of my expectation. The Dark Shadow glasses perform equally well as both sunglasses with full UV protection for you eyes and as an MP3 Player. Then throw in the added bonus of a voice recorder, the hard storage/carry case, and the regular price of $99.95 seems to be a good value."

If anybody wants to make a donation, i'd like to receive these for christmas.

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