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Friday, November 18, 2005

Msn Tech. Filter: Most ridiculous cell phone concept yet

Got this from my fellow System Administrator Oliver Rist, the operator of MSN Technology filter, microsoft official technology blog.

I'm glad the Chinese are slowly moving towards a market economy, but if this is the result then mayhap this land with the 2000 year old civilization should take a breather and slow down. Yeah, the Koreans built it, which is bad enough, but those who buy are most at fault.

Seems that Chinese consumers are about to start buying a cell phone from Hyundai that...smells good. Nope, not kidding. The Hyundai MP 280 is a perfume phone that comes with a perfume mini-spray that's activated every time you take or make a phone call. Worse, it's going on sale for the equivalent of US$1225.
All the troubles in the world--especially China--and some of the world's keenest engineering minds are building this. Kills me. Then again, maybe I should lighten up.


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